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At Swan, we understand that there may be places you'd rather be than the dentist. Perhaps you had a bad experience when younger. Thankfully dentistry has come a long way and we are dedicated to your comfort.

We will take the time to talk to you about your worries. A lot of apprehension comes from the unknown - we will always explain ourselves and our treatment goals, and listen to you about what worries you have.

For times when you need that extra help, we can now offer intravenous sedation, to completely relax you during your treatment. For medically-suitable patients, a small cannula is placed in a vein on your arm or hand. The sedative medicine then helps to completely relax you, plus it has an amnesic effect, so you remember little of the procedure. There is an additional fee payable for this service.

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Dentists North Yorkshire - Cosmetic dentistry Harrogate, North Yorkshire always explain dental treatment goals, and offers sedation dentistry for nervous dental patients about worries.